Recording a live performance while triggering clips in Ableton

Hey everyone,

My band uses currently uses Ableton as an audio and MIDI playback engine. Essentially, I have a scene set up in session view for every song, and in each scene is (up to) 8 channels of audio playback, click track, DMX lighting cues via MIDI, and a few other little cues for the band vie in-ear monitoring. We route all of this to our Behringer X32 via USB, and can even have all of this when we don't run our own sound via a cable splitter system. So far, Ableton has been killing it!

We want to start capturing some live performances for promo material, but with Ableton taking sync'd to my audio interface, I am not able to use another program to record a continuous show. In short, I want to start recording in Ableton and start firing off clips of audio and lights, be able to stop clips, lights, and any audio playback when necessary, and still capture all audio of the whole performance, including our lead singer's transitions between songs that are not set to click.

It would be great if Arrangement view could just run, and record continuous audio, while the session view would just fire each song individually but not stop, or reset, the recording. If anyone know how to set this up, I would really appreciate it.


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    There is a special functions for that, called "Resample Input". It is available for audio tracks, and will capture anything that goes to the master channel, without reproducing it at playback or when armed.

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