Record vst modulation in Arragement View.

Hey guys,

I'm thinking of starting to record in Arrangement View. Also, I just bought an Arturia controller - the Analog Laboratory 49.

Here's my question : Once i have recorded me playing a synth part without twisting knobs or touching the wheels in Arrangement View, how do i arm that track to have it play the part and to record me twisting some knobs on the controller ? Do i have to record an audio version of that synth part as i'm twisting knobs ? (If anyone can refer me to an intro on Live's 9 new transport, i'd be thankful.)



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    If you record/play the part you want to adjust, you can simply turn the corresponding knobs, and Ableton will record the envelope changes. The track in which parameters are changed will change colour to show you that it is recording changes. I suggest checking the manual for the exact info on recording midi changes.

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