Record pre-defined bar length into session clip

In Live 9 I would like to record audio into a session clip but would like to have a pre-defined length, say 4bar, without stop recording (guitar player).

Unfortunately I cannot find a function without hit ‘record stop’. After recording, I can set the length of the clip from the wave editor manually to 4 bar – but this makes me uninspired changing from guitar to Ableton. You should know, I also have a programmable footswitch (softstep), if this helps.

I know, there is a Looper in Live 9, but how can this record / assinged to a session clip?

Thank you for your suggestion!

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  • JamesMiles
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    Hi JR,

    If you assign a button on the SoftStep to the Play button of a clip, you can trigger it to begin playing on the next downbeat (or whatever your clip launch quantize value is set to) while it's recording.

    Also you can assign the SoftStep buttons to control the Record/Stop/Play inside Looper.  You will have to drag the clip out of Looper once you're satisfied with a clip though.


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  • JamesMiles
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    You can absolutely set a punch in/out markers on the Arrangment view.  (little "escalator" shaped buttons on the left and right of the loop enable button on the transport).  But not in the Session view as far as i know.


    So... you could place a marker at the beginning of the punch in location.  Assign a SoftStep button to play from that marker.  Then assign a SoftStep button to the record button on the transport.

    With loop mode disabled, Live will record just the length set in the punch in/out (or loop length) and you can trigger when to go to that bar with the assigned SoftStep button from above.

    You can switch back to Session mode after you've done this, and continue using Live as you had before.


    You will still need to reach over to the computer to grab the clips after they're recorded, and drag them over to the Session view grid if you want to keep working in "Session Mode"



    Mildly convoluted, but I've just tested it out... and it works.

    Most players would find that simply triggering when the end of the recording should occur is more intuitive.  Much like a punch in pedal on another DAW, or an old PortaStudio/ADAT... or even a looper pedal...  One press to start, one press to end.  This also allows you to keep going if you quickly think of a variation you'd like to add to the clip/riff, and not miss it if the machine punches out.


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  • giantsteps
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  • J.R.
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    Hi JamesMiles

    Thank you for your support. I will try your suggestion regarding SoftStep to trigger the Play button. Beside this, Is there any function to set a bar length for clips (recording length) per default without 'pressing / hit' stop recording, too?

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