record and launch a clip in a preselected track using apc40 + footswitch

hi guys,

i'm new in midi mapping and have a specific problem. as the title says, i want to record in the currently selected track in the next empty slot by using a footswitch connected to the apc40.

i figured out how to assign the footswitch to a certain slot in a certain track so the selection would always jump to that position so i can only record one clip in on location by using the footwitch.

what i want to do is to preselect an arbitrary track by using the record arm buttons on the apc and record and launch a clip in on this track by using the footswitch.

is there a way to do that without m4l or a midi tranlslator like bome? maybe something like a "record clip in current track" button or function i can assign the footswitch to?


thanx to anyone who can help


h3rtz 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Amitsegall
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    Hi there,
    the elegant way to do it is by:

    mapping the play button on the master track (which then enable you to launch scenes and you can only see it on mapping mode both midi or key) to your foot switch, then change in the "record/arm/launch" tab in the preferences "start recording on scene launch" and all you have to do now is just arm the selected track and here you go
    don't forget though that each press will launch a scene - other things might stop if you won't remove stop buttons.


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  • h3rtz
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    seems like i misunderstood something.

    i had, additionally to "start recording on scene launch", "select new scene on scene launch" (or whatever it is called in the english version) in mind, which doesnt work, because theres no way of stopping the recording process with the footswitch.

    the way i am doing it now is mapping the play button of the certain track i want to record in on the footswitch - and using the up and down keys of my keyboard to select the clip. works best so far, because it doesnt start a whole scene.

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  • h3rtz
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    thanx mate, thats pretty much what i was looking for.

    i figured the play button on the master track out myself just a couple of days ago, but the "start recording on scene launch" function automates what i still had to do by hand, thats moving from clip to clip.

    its a bit annoying that u always have to  start a whole new scene, but i think i can live with that. its far better than they way i am doing it now.

    but i must admit that i am thinking about mapping ableton on my m13 guitar multiple effects, and seriously assign the 15 step buttons to 15 clips. might end up in complete confusion, but lets see what works better.

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