Receiving/ syncing MIDI Timecode/ MIDI Clock between Ableton and Guitar effect's.

I'd basically like to know the correct connection's I have to make for virtually both in and out i.e.; if I'd like my Delay pedal to be the master I would send out > to the input of my interface correct? And if I would like Ableton to be the master I send out of the interface to the in of my device. Correct?

Any information on what to do and not to do in Ableton's MIDI Snyc preferences menu would also be a huge help, thanks!


r_kennico 6 years ago | 2 comments

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  • scottiedo
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    You need to make sure your effect pedal can both send and receive midi clock. After that all you need is a midi cable and an interface with a midi I & O.
    In prefs/midi tab turn on sync for the port you are using.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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