Really bizarre unpredictable MIDI bug when using Akai MPD32 with Drum Racks.

No MIDI effects are being used, I checked the MPD32's mapping in Vyzex (it's all doing what it's supposed to do), the input on other software instruments is absolutely fine, and so for the life of me I absolutely cannot figure out why the MIDI in on my controller becomes extremely unpredictable when arming and playing drum racks? It's always every other pad that has an issue and it keeps changing which note it'll output as; so for instance C3 will play C3, then C#3 might play F-2. D3 will be D3 and then D#3 may be something like B0. But every 5 minutes or so it'll all change completely so C#3 will suddenly become, say, G-1.


This is such an obscure issue which makes it virtually impossible to google and find people having similar issues, any guesses as to what the hell is going on here?


Sock_62 3 years ago | 0 comments

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