Realistic electric bass in Ableton

Anybody had luck producing a realistic electric bass guitar in Live using built-in Ableton instruments?  Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated!  

I'm considering an upgrade from Live 8 Suite to 9 Suite and see the following options for a sampled electric bass guitar:

1) Live 9 Suite - the 'Guitars & Bass' pack probably contains an electric bass guitar.

2) Live 8 Suite - contains a sampled bass called "P-Bass Pick" and "P-Bass Finger".  It doesn't sound great and lacks controls for articulation, etc.

3) Studio Bass from e-instruments for $99 as an add-on to Live 9.  Is this better, worse, or exactly the same as what's in the Live 9 'Guitars & Bass' pack?  

What a confusing bass landscape.  I just want ONE realistic sounding electric bass, not 19 mediocre instruments.  Spectrasonics Trilian would be ideal but it uses a ton of RAM.  Is there another way to get close to Trilian via Ableton instruments?  Thanks!!


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    The Live 9 'Guitars & Bass' includes 3 variations of the electric bass, 'Open', 'Slap', and 'Palm Muted'. I find that these get the job done for most cases, unless you're writing a genre like funk. Other than that, I have found Puremagnetik's 'Foundation Guitar & Bass' to be equally useful, (

    A VSTi like Trillian is probably the best bet for realistic sounding bass, as well as Native Instruments' Scarbee bass series. The main problem with achieving realistic sounds using stock Ableton is that the included 'Sampler' doesn't support round-robin sampling, resulting in a very electronic and inhuman sound.

    Of course, there's always the route of buying a bass guitar and playing that.

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