Realistic electric bass in Ableton

Anybody had luck producing a realistic electric bass guitar in Live using built-in Ableton instruments?  Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated!  

I'm considering an upgrade from Live 8 Suite to 9 Suite and see the following options for a sampled electric bass guitar:

1) Live 9 Suite - the 'Guitars & Bass' pack probably contains an electric bass guitar.

2) Live 8 Suite - contains a sampled bass called "P-Bass Pick" and "P-Bass Finger".  It doesn't sound great and lacks controls for articulation, etc.

3) Studio Bass from e-instruments for $99 as an add-on to Live 9.  Is this better, worse, or exactly the same as what's in the Live 9 'Guitars & Bass' pack?  

What a confusing bass landscape.  I just want ONE realistic sounding electric bass, not 19 mediocre instruments.  Spectrasonics Trilian would be ideal but it uses a ton of RAM.  Is there another way to get close to Trilian via Ableton instruments?  Thanks!!


michiona 1 year ago | 0 comments

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