Real time Automation using Push in arrange view

Hi everyone.  I would like to use Push to automate parameters in real time in the arrangement page.  When I hit record on push after arming the track it records into session rather than the current arrangement.  I can copy it from session but would rather not have to keep doing this.  




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  • The Puppeteer
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    Having Shift-Record engage global record would be nice

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    To record into the arrangment view you need to engange the global record button in Live's transport bar. 

    This is described in further detail in the following 2 links from our manual:

    Note that currently the global record button can not be engaged via Push. We are aware of this wish and will discuss it internally. 



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  • Colbs
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    Hey, just got push 2 and looks like it still isn't fixed even though in the tutorial videos it shows you can?  I have to hit the global record button with my mouse instead of push for it to work.

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