Real time Automation using Push in arrange view

Hi everyone.  I would like to use Push to automate parameters in real time in the arrangement page.  When I hit record on push after arming the track it records into session rather than the current arrangement.  I can copy it from session but would rather not have to keep doing this.  




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  • The Puppeteer
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    Having Shift-Record engage global record would be nice

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  • Colbs
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    Hey, just got push 2 and looks like it still isn't fixed even though in the tutorial videos it shows you can?  I have to hit the global record button with my mouse instead of push for it to work.

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  • spkey
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    I'm surprised and deeply disappointed this issue has still not been resolved.

    Ableton is supposed to make life easier for recording automation and this is still unresolved when working in the arrangement view.

    Every time I want to record a simple filter automation, I end up Googling about it and then trying different ways until I completely lose patience and forget about it.

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    To record into the arrangment view you need to engange the global record button in Live's transport bar. 

    This is described in further detail in the following 2 links from our manual:

    Note that currently the global record button can not be engaged via Push. We are aware of this wish and will discuss it internally. 



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