Reaktor 5/6 and Live 9 issue

Reaktor works fine as a standalone product, and it works fine under FLStudio (which I am doing my best to get away from). It worked fine for a while under Live 9, but suddenly, no matter what instrument I load or patch I pick, it always reverts back to the very first patch in the subsection available for the instrument when I press play. (example, Monark (Classic) always reverts back to "Defined", Prism jumps back to "Silver Bowl", Rounds (Bass) jumps back to "Commerce Lock", Rounds (Lead) reverts to "Block Buster". I can choose the patch and play it once, but the moment I click anything else, or export it, or stop and play again, it always changes back to Patch #1. Am I missing something obvious, or is this some bug? Other NI products work fine as well, it's exclusive to Reaktor (which I updated and I also reinstalled just to cover my bases).

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zer0blivion 1 year ago | 0 comments

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