Re-Sync two Ableton copies after loading set

Hello All,

I love Ableton 9 and the way I can tune sync to work wonders with two copies flawlessly... but all goes to hell when I want to load a new set (playback obviously stops). Sure it works with long vertical sets or other types of stuff but I'd really like to be able to load a new set altogether on the slave or master and be able to sync back up in a consistent manner.

Has anyone figured out a way to force the slave (and/or master) copy of Ableton to start playing and re-sync either automatically or upon command?

I don't mind using/writing a vst plugin or max for live or a completely external program, I just can't seem to get it to work in a reliable way

The most successful thing I've tried was sending a stop and start signal to both master and slave at the very very end of a bar from m4l but it's audible in the master and the slave takes a few seconds to re-sync after that so I can't have anything playing until it's complete and even then it's not totally reliable (I wouldn't use this in a live setting).

Please don't post hypothetical discussions on this one as I've probably tried most of them, I'm looking for one that someone actually uses that's reliable.

Thanks for reading! 


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AudioRuso 2 years ago | 0 comments

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