Re-mapping the MIDI notes from my Yamaha MFCI

I found an Yamaha MFCI foot controller and fixed it up to use with Ableton. It transmits Program Change and Control Midi data according to manual. When I try to assign it to MIDI, Ableton interprets it as a Pitch Bend, how do I get it to toggle scene changes and turn off and on effects?

Here are the MIDI values in the manual.

Status 1011nnn(Bn) Control no. 0cccccc Control value: 0vvvvvv

Status 1100nnn (Cn) Program no. 0pppppp

Also System Real-time message via the CHAIN button.


status 11111010 (FA)


status 11111011 (FB)


status 1111100 (FC)

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Jed Beans 4 years ago | 0 comments

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