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I am using mac 10.7.5 with m-audio mobilepre sound card.

I have been successfully recording voice and guitar via Audacity with very good results. 
I can not seem to get decent input volume via Audacity Live 8.

I have tried updating the sound card drivers with no success.

If I have the gain all the way up on my sound card I can get something, but it is very quiet and it just does't compare to what I land in Audacity.

I am going to borrow a friends external sound card and try a different brand, any other thoughts would be much appreciated.



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    My first advice must be to doublecheck the input where you're recording from. I've heard more than once that people thought they were recording from their microphone/soundcard, but were really picking up the signal through the built in mic of their mac.

    Once you're sure you've got the right input. Turning up the gain on your soundcard is ok- but try to limit it to 80%- this might give you a little less pickup of background noise.

    After recording your voice, simply drag a utility device such as "MONO" (can be found in the audio effects section) onto your audio channel.Turn up the gain there.

    If required, add a compressor and limiter to further level out your recording.

    You can also push up the volume in the clip itself. double click on the recorded clip- in the clip editing windows which appears in the bottom, you find a volume slider (right under the RAM button)

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    thanks for the answers, it appears that even Audacity was bad. So it was my mic cable!! love th tips above. ta

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