quicktime USer please help!

Hi, under win 7 & Live 9 I can´t use . mov file...

Qicktime is installed but it crash with message 

"please reinstall Apple aplication..??

I found only a download link on a webside, but the installation 

is full of software from 3 part developers software and tey can not ignored...

i found a other idea come`s up with windows netframe work new installation

but this help not ...

I updated i tunes and now big Problem...

i deinstalled all. remove files & folder of qicktime, bonjour application service ,

under progam data , programm x86 & windows sytem 32.. 

reintall but the same ....

how can I install a .mov Codec thats works without crAPPLE okay is need ?

wfg S.R: 



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S.Rueckwardt 4 years ago | 0 comments

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