Question regarding Packs when upgrading.

After I upgraded to Live 9 (from Suite 8) it seems that all of my Software Instruments carried over with no problem, but "sound packs" such as "drum machines" and "retro synths" seem to need to be downloaded again.  I don't really want to have to download everything again just because of a software upgrade (unnecessarily), so I just want to make sure that what I am doing needs to be done; and the "sound packs" are not just lurking somewhere already within the browser.

I'm really trying to wrap my head around the new browser.  I've read all of the tutorials and have been using Ableton since v3 but I can't seem to feel that it is anything but counter-intuitive and overkill.








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    Iy's a bit more elaborate and even this answer is I swear just "right", but many options are in fact right scenariiI see you mention Suite to Live. So your Retro Synth pack isn't the 9 one. Because the way it normally works you may be granted Retro Synth 9 since you paid for it like I did in the same cart with Suite 8.The fact is : I'm as I write with  the two suite fully installed.I have a strange feel for the need to keep Suite 8 intact and work with both as individual products. But Live 9 takes Suite 8 Library into account, showing it in most case att first launch by auto(-detecting it.In any case Live 9 can interact in mod/del/move/etc 8 Library's contents. You can then still use already instaled DM and RT packs. But if your licence gives you both or one pack to be fully upgraded and 9 Library member, and in the case tou will uninstall your 8 version after upgrading, then I were you I'll do the pack upgrade, then delete older 8.xxxx occurences in 8 Library folder.

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