Question Regarding a LaunchPad, it's lights, and their relation to multiple chains

Sorry for what was I'm sure a very confusing question title. Perhaps my summary of my issue can help clear it up. Now first and foremost this is not a technical issue, it is in all reality purely aesthetic. I am more or less just curious in case I am missing something and have been otherwise, unable to find one. Ahem..


I am currently using a Launchpad with Live 9, as both a sampler, drum pad and keys, etc. courtesy of the Launchpad95 driver. I have assembled an instrument rack consisting of multiple chains. Each one of these chains is a part of a song that I had sliced to midi, which  I then condensed together inside this rack. All of these chains contain a different number of samples because they weren't all sliced the same way (one or two were sliced to 1/8 notes, others to 1/4 etc..) Once I had roped all of the chains together via the chain selector, and set the mappings for the macro I had noticed that as I scrolled through the different chains, the same number of pads would light up, regardless of whether one chain had 4, and another 16, all of the chains flash 8 lights. Therefore, my question is, how can I set it up so that as I roll through the chain selector the appropriate number of lights will appear on the launchpad in accordance with each chain? As I said this is strictly aesthetic and just for my own eyes so that i don't come into a situation where I might be playing the samples on a rack that has 21 samples, but only 8 are lighting up, it makes it harder to differentiate the chains on the fly. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers!




H8bit 3 years ago | 0 comments

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