Question about saving Live Clips

Hi all,

Hope you can shine some light on this matter. Been reading the manual, but for me it isn't entirely clear. Let me make an example:

I recorded a sample in an Audio Track. I'd like to save this sample:

1. as a sample for future use

2. as a live clip

When i drag the clip into my user library, either the 'samples' or the 'clip' folder, i get prompted with a message, saying:

"You copied/moved documents into a Project. If you choose, Live can copy files used by these documents (such as samples) into the Project, etcetera". I can then choose four locations and toggle them yes or no. 

Could someone try to explain what Ableton is trying to tell me here?!

Then, if i just hit COPY, i get a ALC file, which is a Live Clip. From my understanding, a Live Clip references an audio file. Confusingly, this newly created Live Clip is located in my user samples folder.

So dragging an audio file into my user library creates an ALC, but then places it in my sample folder?!

Even worse, i now still don't have an actual copy of the sample for future use.

So how would i save the sample itself so that it becomes visible in my user library samples?

Thanks guys. Looking forward to know what i am doing wrong.

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boybianchi 1 year ago | 1 comment

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