Push2, Roland MX-1, TR-8, TB-3 and System 1

I currently use a Push 2 and just purchased the Roland MX-1, TR-8, TB-3 and System 1. My question is can I use the MX-1 as an interface to record the TR-8, TB-3, System 1 and a bass guitar into Roland and route the Push 2 into the MX-1 for the intenal effects? All would be controlled MIDI with Ableton Live being the host? Seems like a lot of circles!!! Probably a newbie question but I am new to all of this. Thanks in advance for taking the time with my question.


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    For what it's worth so far down the line, having recently tried getting a TR-8 and TB-3 to work with Ableton I have the following observations.

    TR-8 as a USB audio interface gives all 14 channels but a doubled signal (dry TR-8 and Ableton's output). Can only use with the TB-3 when the TB-3 is running in as ext to TR-8.

    Using ASIO4ALL, gives all 14 channels on the TR-8 plus the TB-3 as a stereo out. Using this method, the Roland clock drifts ahead of Ableton meaning it's useless for anything more than recording 16 bars. The drift does not reset when you restart the song, to reset the drift you need to open the ASIO4ALL driver control panel and close it again.

    I also tried adding an MX-1. This got it working well with no drift and no doubling, however the TR-8 output into the MX-1 is stereo and not all 14 channels so you can't send your kick to a channel in Ableton to add effects there. Well you can if you split the output of the TR-8 through panning some instruments left/right and others as assignable a/b into the MX-1 as audio instead of USB, but then you lose your inputs for non-Aira hardware.

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    I don't quite understand what you mean by routing push into MX1. Push is a midi controller and is used to control Live. And fx of MX1 can be controlled by the mixer itself.

    Besides that: routing tr8,tb3 and system 1 to the mixer is no problem, i think. all signals from mx1 go to Live, which is controlled by Push. However, getting them all to sync via Midi is a different story.


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