Push: using the knobs in the top row to modulate effects


I have a question regarding Push in session view, I would like the top row of knobs to modulate macro 1 of each track, instead of macros 1-8 of the selected track. Similar to when I select volume, pan or send on the top right corner. Is that possible?

Also: is it possible to select a different track when in session view? The arrow-buttons seem to move the "clip-grid" around instead of changing the track, and i tried using the arrows holding shift or select but without success. It would be very hand if pressing shift-arrow could let me select the next track within session view.


Thanks for your help


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    Just like with the APC 40/20 the encoders are automatically mapped to the selected track's 8 macro controls. I don't see this changing. You could use user mode to map the encoders to the desired macro controls but these aren't going to automatically update when you move around in session view and put different tracks into focus. Of course this can all be hacked when people start creating their own templates for Push.


    You are correct. The arrows move around which tracks, clips and scenes are selected and in focus. To actually select a different track use the yellow selection buttons at the very top right under the display.





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