Push-Using simultaneously the 64 pad ?


Does someone know if it's possible to use all the 64 pads simultaneously as on a launchpad ?
I don't want to use the sequencer, because I don't play samples in a rhythmic way, but more as landscape, and I directly need them all.
Thanks for your help.


pbbdoublebass 5 months ago | 0 comments

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  • TravisSpomer
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    Well I haven't tried pushing them all simultaneously because I'm short a few fingers for that, but yes, you can use all 64 pads as different notes without using the sequencer.  In the Note mode, you can set it to be chromatic and sequential instead of in a particular key, and then you just have 64 pads all set to different notes, effectively the same as a 61-key keyboard.

    Check out 27.5.1 in the Live manual:

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  • pbbdoublebass
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    Thank for your answer, and sorry for my question that wasn't specify enough.

    The matter is that I use a Drum Rack for playing samples, and I need to have the 64 pads under my hand to combine all the different sound I use, and not only 16 samples on 16 pads ! I would have like to avoid the touch strip which is not easy and prevent you to play, together, samples that are not in the same 16 pads . It seems that when the track uses a Drum Rack it always display a step sequencer. I cannot imagine that Ableton doesn't make it possible...?!

    Thank you one more time for your help.


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