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So I just got my Push. Now I want to start making beats with drum rack and load my own samples into it. Before Push, I used to make a midi track, place a drum rack inside it and then start looking for samples via the browser. Is there a way to mimic this in Push? I didn't find a may to add separate samples to a drum racks pads. But then again, I haven't fully explored the Push yet and I apologise in advance for asking a obvious question.

I rarely use Live's own drum racks and drum sets, I always build my own, as I think many do, so I hope there is a simple way of doing this.


Tonka3000 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • Ginkgo
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    Short answer - sort of. You can load your drum rack, select an individual cell, then hit "browse" again, navigate to drum hits, and surf through your collection.

    Longer answer - read my response to this question:


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  • Shurikan
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    Does this method also work with the simpler device?

    1 month ago | 0 comments
  • georgiotolias
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    hi  i actually made a video showing how to do it the right way '

    3 months ago | 1 comment

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