Push Session View: Controlling several instruments via the 8 knobs

Hey guys,

I am new to Push and watched every tutorial there may be. But I've not yet found a hint for what I would like to do:

Being in Session View and having my project set up for live performance, I would like to configure the top eight buttons to contol parameters of DIFFERENT instruments or devices. Let's say:

Knob 1: Cutoff Bass (track 1)

Knob 2: Reso Bass (track 1)

Knob 3: Autofilter Pad (track 2)

Knob 4: Ping Pong Delay Vocals (track 3) .... and so on

Is there a workaround to do this? So far it only seems possible to control one device at a time, or make a rack to control selected parameters of ONE instrument.

Any help greatly appreciated, as I would see this as great improvement to not having to skip through tracks to control them. This way you could alter i.e. "Cutoff Bass" and "Autofilter Pad" at the same time.

Thanks a lot!





Fluid Karma 3 years ago | 1 comment

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