Push is stealing the midi from Access Virus ti

Hi, when I turn on my Push I lose the keyboard input from my access virus ti, it's just dead, no sound. I'm thinking this is a USB issue as they both run off midi via USB. I can still control the virus from push, ie play from the push 'keyboard' but I want to use the keyboard on the virus. The virus works fine until I turn push on. Any suggestions on how I can get round this? I'm using the latest version of live with an I Mac, no USB hubs.
Many thanks.


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    Many thanks. I've only just seen this reply. I'll give it all a go...

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  • dubtechrecords
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    no probs let me know how you get on 

    theres a really big access virus community out there too on internet and Facebook esspecially

    just type in (ACCESS VIRUS TI) to search for group or follow link below 

    good luck


    I'm (dubtechrecords.dubtechrecords) and (dubtech) as artist on FB also 


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  • dubtechrecords
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    Make sure your virus is connected directly to back of iMac via usb
    Also you should always switch on push first in my experience then start live once live is running switch on your virus whist tapping one of the notes on the virus keyboard this tells live you want to use as keyboard too
    ....if none of this is working check your midi inputs and outputs through lives preferences and make sure the first 2 boxes are highlighted for all instances of access virus ins outs synth in out ect

    After you've done all this it should work fine and live will automatically save and will work ever time you open live wether you have virus turned on or off before you open live, but you can save as a default in preferences too.
    Hope this helps

    Good luck

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