Push: how to change the order of effects?

Can't figure this out and I can't find it in the manual: how can you use Push to edit the order of effects in a track? I know you can use shit+add effect to add a device to the left (instead of the default mode of adding it to the right) of the effect chain but I don't seem to be able to move an effect in the chain once it's added.



neilbaldwin 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Pup
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    Push 2 Manual: "To move a MIDI or audio effect to a different position in the track’s chain of devices, press and hold the upper display button that corresponds to the effect. Then use any of the eight encoders to scroll the device to the new position and release the upper display button." https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/using-push-2/#adding-deleting-and-reordering-devices

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  • vanKloot
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    I'm new to Push but I don't think you can move effects around, just as you can't move clips around in session view.  I hope this gets added in the future though.

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  • Maxim Kashtanov
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    How to move fx with Push 1 generation?

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