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I've recently noticed (and alas on a week were I really needed it to not happen!) that my Push won't seem to display all the details in the window at the top and will require turning of and on the unit again:

E.g take this Instrument Rack -


That's all it'll display, but then if I turn the Push off and on (using the power button) it'll display everything -


I'm not 100% sure when it started doing this, it may have been when I updated to 9.1.2, but I'd certainly like to know if there's a fix/something I'm doing wrong.

It did this 3 times during my live set last night, and that was only playing for an hour!




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    FYI, just got a response from Ableton if people are having a similar problem -

    Hello there,

    Thanks for getting in touch with Ableton Support.

    Indeed, we have had a few reports from users who had problems with Push after updating to 9.1.2 via auto updates: in all these cases, this took place when third party scripts for Push were in use.

    According to the status report you have attached, you also are using a third party Push script (PTX_Live): let me recommend to re-install Live 9.1.2 from scratch, which should take care of fixing the issue.

    Kind regards,

    Ableton Support

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    Update 2 -

    "Thanks for the update and for providing the Live Set.

    After some testing, I have noticed that the issue persisted as long as the Pianoteq plug-in was loaded into the session.

    Turns out that the Live Set had been saved while the Pianoteq device was being "Locked" to the Push, thus the Push encoders are controlling this device regardless of your track selection.

    Right clicking on that plug-in and deselecting the "Lock to control surface" menu item should fix the issue for good. "

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    I just wanted to share my experience here. I bought the push 2 and Live Suite. I had really a problem to get the push2 running correctly.

    All articels and advise was not helping:

    1. Reinstalling Live

    2. Setting up midi on MAC with new configuration

    3. Use different cable USB port, direct without hub

    doesn´t helped.


    For my mac with 10.10.5 Yosemite I had to delete the Push2 in midi setup as a divice and in the original confuguration I had to add it new.


    Now it´s working fine,

    best wishes






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