Push Clip Automation Issue, Please Help!


Hi guys,


I've just bought push so I'm a relative noob, though I have watched hours of tutorials and would say I have a good understanding of how everything works and know how to use most of the basic features. I'm having an issue with Push automation, I have trawled the forum as well as the rest of the Internet for hours for an answer to no avail, so given nobody else seems to be having this issue it's more than likely it's something I'm doing wrong, so here goes...


OK so on Push, say I've just played a couple of chords into a clip, I want to have the original version of the clip and let's say for example 3 other versions of the same clip with a different bit of automation on each.


For the purpose of this we'll say macro 1 is attack, macro 2 is decay and macro 3 is sustain and all 3 macro ranges go from 0-100, we'll say for the original clip that the value of all 3 macros is set to 0.


So clip 1 (original):

attack 0

decay 0

sustain 0


Clip 2 I want to automate the attack so I do it as normal and I record in a curve gradually going from 0, ending up at 100 by the end of the clip, I release the attack knob and then press the record button off and then the automation button off, the automation is recorded in as it should be and plays back with the attack automated as the clip continues to play, no problem yet.


Now for the problem, I return back to clip 1, only to find that clip 1's attack value is now set at 100, not at 0 like it should be (well, I think it should be anyhow!). Whatever value I finish automating on is always left as the new value for that particular macro for all other clips in the track (unless they are automated too). This is particularly frustrating as if you've spent time tweaking 8 macros to get the exact sound you want only to automate a few different clips, then to go back to the original and to find the sound is completely different to the one you spent time tweaking!


Surely there is something I am doing wrong here? I would assume it should not behave like this as the automation is supposed to be 'per clip' and not affect other clips? The only workaround I can think of for this is one which I should not have to do, and that is to automate all of the parameters of all 8 macros at a constant for each clip, but this is a painstaking process and not one I wish to do each time, as it would be quicker not to use push and just to automate on-screen, which obviously I also don't want to do.


I have tried automating in note mode and in session mode and this makes no difference. 


If someone could please point me in the direction of where I am going wrong I would be eternally grateful!


Cheers in advance!


mrdrowlands 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • laidlaw
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    I think what you want to have a look at is clip Envelopes in the Clip View.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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