Push: can you group to Instrument Rack and/or add devices to an existing Instrument Rack

I've been doing a lot of sound design lately, building up multi-instrument Instrument Racks, and I'm curious if this is possible from the ground up using Push. 

From my experiments it doesn't seem to work- if I add an empty Instrument Rack to my set then attempt to add an instrument to it then my rack just gets replaced by that specific instrument. I can add effects to an Instrument Rack, but not other instruments.

This isn't a deal breaker for me, more just curious if there's a workaround for this so I can do it directly from Push


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  • noofny
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    Also finding this workflow to be lacking in Live 9.1.5 and Push. You can select a chain so you should be able to add a device to it. It shouldn't just replace the rack that was there if you are inside a chain, it should add it to the device chain you have selected via Push.

    Have you found any workaround or answers on this?


    3 years ago | 0 comments

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