Push 2 - Configure MIDI Ins and Outs to external MIDI synth


Is it possible in with Push 2 to add a track and then set the Midi in and out for that track using Push?

In Live the Midi interfaces appear in the drop down lists after I've added a MIDI track, but I'm wondering whether I need to configure the tracks in Live before using them with push.

I have a yamaha Moxf that is connected to my Mac via usb. The MOXF has its own built in Midi interface.

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    I've kinda worked out how to do this. 

    You can create external instruments and save them as preset instruments.

    So, I've created presets for my MOXF with the names MOXF1 to MOXF16 - where the number is the output MIDI channel.

    This allows me to add them using PUSH 2's device browser.

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