Push 2 and Sampler: are they friends?

Hi all--

So, I have already asked this question, but I'd like to rephrase it, as I may have put it a bit vaguely before, so here goes:

What I'm really wondering is if Simpler--when used via the Push 2 controller--can accomplish any of the things that Sampler does so well, or will have to go into Live 9.5 and use Sampler the old-fashioned way in the instances that I need something like back and forth looping or other more complex functions than Simpler can perform.

In other words, if I am really set on using Push 2 as independently of my laptop as possible when composing, will I just have to learn to love Simpler? Will I then only be able to use Sampler in the Live environment?

If that is the case, does anyone have any work-arounds or other tips on how to keep Sampler relevant while working with Push 2?

I'd really appreciate answers from folks who have actually used the new Push 2 with Live 9.5, who have worked predominantly with samples on Push 2, just to keep this from turning into a general Sampler vs Simpler debate.


Thank you so much, everybody!


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  • hardwork
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    I was kinda lost with this one too, i was trying to make a sustained bass loop, but with simpler you can't have a portion of the sample loop to get this effect, only in sampler.  So i said hey, press the convert button and choose sampler, and to my surprise you can't choose sampler.  I'm not liking this, not sure if the Ableton staff will add this, but i think it should have been an option.  Lets see.  

    2 years ago | 0 comments
  • iramrezso
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    A lot of the Sampler's functions are mapped to Push 2 but not all. And you don't see the waweform on Push 2 screen.

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  • cutloose
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    I have Drum racks set up using Sampler.  To access the 127sample zone technique famous by iLL Gates.  Im unable to figure out how to work with each wav form within the Sampler.  Env. adjustments are all knob based and I want to be able to drop in vox samples as well and adjust start points.

    Ableton, will you be updating Samplers usability ?


    1 year ago | 0 comments

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