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I'm considering getting the Push 2 but I'm not sure it's capable of doing what I need it to. Basically, besides using it at home for composing, I'd like to use it in a live environment as a keyboard type instrument, but also as a controller to trigger vocal effects.  In the past I've put all of my vocal effects in an effect rack chain, and mapped the chain selector to a knob on my keyboard so I can easily shift through vocal presets depending on what song I'm performing. Will push 2 allow me to do this? Similarly if I loaded up a bunch of different instances of say Massive into an instrument rack and chained them, could I move through that chain from Push 2?  Thanks all.


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  • jgarrett
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    You can do this with Push 2. You can map a macro to the chain select and then use one of the encoders for the macro from the Push 2 (or automate the chain select from a clip). You can select the chain within the rack by holding the button for the rack in the top row of buttons on the Push 2 (just beneath the encoders), the labels on the lower row of buttons below the LCD display will change to show the chain names... you can then select the chain you wish to interact with/display by pushing the button that corresponds to it. If you've color coded your chains, then the low buttons will show the name of the chain and the button in the color of the chain for easier identification. If you have more than eight chains you can page through them using the arrow buttons that appear on the first and last of the lower buttons.

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  • neaumusic
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    Yea you can -- click on an already-focused device to show child devices on the right side of it, under a horizontal bar / umbrella. Then if you click the child or the parent's position, it will show the page for that tab, and if you're already on parent it will toggle closed again. Otherwise, it will stay open and corresponding to the first two knobs or wherever.

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  • celloincage
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    you could, but the push 2 don't follow the chain you choose...a issue !!!

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