Purchasing Ableton and step sequencing,


So im looking at finally purchasing ableton and i wanted to know if should buy standard or the suite, ive looked at the feature comparision, the main thing i'd like to be able to use Ableton live at gigs, im a jazz musician pimarily, i havnet had the most experience in DAWs other than some playing around with various bits and pieces over the years. I use the Arturia Beatstep Pro as a hardware sequencer wit some of the korg VOLCA range and some synths, as well as midi synced to my kaoss pad.

The thing i basically want to know is can i do step sequencing in the standard version of Ableton? I know max for live only comes in the suite, and there is a sequencer or some sort with MAX, I want to be able to step sequence parts by playing through with either drum pads or my midi keyboard, the same workflow i do with my hardware. I can't find a specific answer to this when i've searched step sequencing on youtube, most of them seem to do it by altering the pitches using the controls on ableton, its very important that i can play in and record step sequences via my midi keyboard, and i would like to make Ableton my master clock in the long run. And would like to know if i need MAX for live to do this or can i do it with the standard version, via external plug ins or VSTS or within Ableton straight away. 

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