Punching in and out results in clicks and pops

Hi. I use Live as a multi-track recorder mostly to record bass guitar tracks for other peoples music. The Problem I am having is that when I do a punch-in I get a good amount of subtle, but noticeable crackling and popping during and after the punch.  I can record a track and listen back to it and it will be pristine. If I then do a punch in the middle of that track, the punch and previously pristine track now have crackles and pops. 

The only work around I've found is to individually turn off warping for each clip that makes up a track (but that gets rather tedious with multiple tracks and punches).  Once I turn off warping the clicks/pops go away. If I turn waring back on the clicks/pops come back. Also, if I consolidate the track while warping is turned on, the crackle is now there for good, and if I export the track the crackle is present in the resulting audio file. 

Any suggestions on how to get rid of these noises would be appreciated. Or, since I rarely if ever use warping, if there is a way when recording audio into live to have warping for each clip turned off by default (I already have  "Auto warp long samples" in preferences set to off, and "loop/warp short samples"  set to "unwarped one-shot") or to turn off all warping altogether, that would be better than my current work round.

For what its worth, I'm running live 7.0.18 on a 2 Ghz intel core duo macbook running osx snow leopard (10.6.7) with 2 GB ram (the max for this computer). Audio is coming in through an Apogee Duet with the most recent drivers. The buffer in Live is set to 512 and the cpu usage rarely gets above 10%.

Thanks for your help.


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    Here's what I think is happening. You're making a punch and trying to line up 2 audio files. When you put 2 waves next to each other, the waves usually don't line up. So you're creating a "jump" which equals a pop. When using Pro Tools or Logic, you always have to manually go in and apply these cross fades.

    I believe Live 8 introduced automatic cross fades... so when 2 audio files are next to each other they auto cross fade.


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