Punch In while recording vocals and monitoring reverb

I am looking for some advice/help for recording vocals. When recording a single vocal track and using a 2nd track to monitor and record some reverb, I am having trouble punching in. The problem being punching in on both the vocal and reverb track at the same time.  The other problem I am having doing this is I have the output of the vocal track going to the input of the reverb track - so we are not hearing the vocal track when not in record mode in order to monitor the track before the punch in.  I hope I have explained this well enough.  And I hope to hear from some users on how they work with vocal recording, punch ins and and any general advice on this subject.

Thank you


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    What do you mean by you're recording some reverb? Do you have a seperate mic for the reverb placed down the hall or something, or a hardware reverb unit you're running the vocals through? Or are you just using a reverb plugin/effect? Cause in that case there's no need to 'record' that, you just throw it on the vocal track and it'll do its thing automatically.

    About punching in two tracks at the same time (maybe I don't understand correctly), you can just arm two or more tracks for recording by holding ctrl (in windows, not sure for mac) and then clicking the record buttons on the tracks you want to start recording at the same time. Then when you start to record they'll start recording at the same time.



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