Project transferred from Live 8 to live 9 - no sound out

I transferred a project from a studio where Ableton live 8 was being used, to my computer where Ableton Live 9 is installed. Although everything seems to have transferred just fine, with a master running and play button working when I open the project in Ableton 9 (no grey area, no red marked things...), no sound is coming out of the computer (internal speakers, neither is it working with headphones). I can't hear anything, no matter what I do and although the arrangement seems to be working fine. When I open other projects started within live 9 on my computer, sound is still working just fine. What's the issue??

Note that we recorded most of the sounds on analog machines in the studio (audio files), with effects that were not on the version I have on my computer with Live 9 - but there doesn't seem to be any bug, I guess this is not an issue.


Rawshan 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • Ninjun
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    I'm about to upgrade to 9 from 8. and i can't find any info on the subject, have you figured out this problem??


    1 year ago | 0 comments

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