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I downloaded max into Live trial and made some changes to my files. When I opened the project this morning it did not open and I had  to locate an earlier version of my proj ect. None of the changes I made are reflected so it did not save them.. why is this? I did the collect all and save, and I did not change the name of the original project, but  I seem to have lost 3 hours of work as none of the effects are there anymore!

Can you help me to relocate my changes or tell me why it did not save properly?


vivking 11 months ago | 0 comments

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    If you did save them, the files should be in your project folder: especially after using collect all and save.

    Maybe a quite obvious question, but could it be you saved the last changes to your project in a different location by accident?

    10 months ago | 0 comments

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