Programming, where to start?

I want to start off by saying that i don't have any background whatsoever on programming. Recently i had a really good idea, i want to make a sampler app for my iphone.

At the same time i have planned to learn Arduino and utilize it with Max, so i was thinking on learning Max MSP, but i don't know if this will also work for making apps. 

where should i start learning? should i learn Xcode/swift (i work in a mac)first? or rather learn Max Msp? and if i use both where should i start? 

Also is there a difference between and ChucK or PureData? I'm really confused, please help me.


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    Hi Miguell, 

    first off, its been a year indeed, but still perhaps I can shed some light on things, and for future reference if someone might have the same question.

    For an iPhone app you need to learn objectiveC or swift, either would do. So Xcode is kinda the only way to go if you want an app.

    MAX is more a programming method (language),  focused on midi, music, controlling lights and a hell of a lot more. PureData is kinda the open source variant, the look kinda the same, so you might check that out as well. 

    Chuck I didn't know, so l looked it up and the tutorial tell me that it seems very similar to CSound, you might want to check that too. Chuck ( I think ) and CSound is more of a programming language for sound design, or create your own sound scape or modular synths and so on, something that MAX also can do. so it depends how you want to program. Max is more GUI like, objects passing variables around and what not. CSound and chuck seem more like a traditional programming language.  ( again I don't really know chuck so I could be wrong. ) 



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