Program that let's you see which plugins you've used?

A few years ago I found a program that could detect which plugins you've used in a Live project. 
The program was for PC only though and I can't find it at all now (and I'm on a mac anyway).
Does anyone know if there's a program like that for OSX?
Sometimes it happens that an old project won't open and instead you get this message: 
"A serious program error has occurred.
Live will shut down after this message box is closed.
Please restart Live and follow the instructions in the
'Report a Crash' lesson that will appear in Live's Help View."
It would be great to be able to see which VST/AU plugins you've used in that particular project and then start to temporarily remove those plugins to see which one is not working.
I mean, it's better to be able to open the project but missing a plugin than to not being able to open it at all, right? 


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  • jestermgee
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    The program for PC was (is) called "PlugView". Awesome utility for projects. Not sure on MAC tho. 

    FWIW it still works fine with L9

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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