Processing a sampled, noisy, reverby, drum loop


I'm really new to drum processing techniques.  I want to know what steps I might take to improve the overall punch of a drum loop I sampled from an old (digital source) jazz/soul recording.  There's some underlying noise, lots of reverb, and the loop is quiet, but when I raise the volume it clips without ever getting too loud.  I'm not warping it at the moment, fwiw.  There's not much ride cymbal action in the loop.

My questions are:

-What can I do?

-How (general is fine)?

-Why does that make sense?

I want to keep the groove, but make it punchier, and take out as much of the unwanted noise/reverb.  Hopefully it won't sound too "processed".  Any suggested tutorials would also be appreciated.


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skeej 5 years ago | 0 comments

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