Problems with saving/exporting audio samples on Abelton Live 9

Alright so I use Abelton Live 9 Intro to make loops/beats that i later put into my mpc and work with. (I use the MPC 500) Recently Ive been experiencing a problem. I sample everything out like I want to, I hit export audio. Keep it as a Wave File Sample Rate:44100 Bit Depth 16. But for some reason these beats do not fit into my mpc. I am not sure if it is the MPC's fault or abeltons but i recently noticed two things. 1 When i add pre made beats into my MPC things load up correctly right away. 2. After I make a beat and save it if i open it again it extends itself? Instead of it just going from the points i assigned and finishing unless i click loop it sort of like loops itself over and over. And i dont know how to stop it cause i obviously just want my beat to start and end at the points i assigned unless i choose to loop it. I am guessing this might be affecting the length of the samples and therefore thats why they might not be fitting into the MPC. I know this might sound kind of stupid but I'm still getting used to all of this music software. and i appreciate any help or suggestions because i am very very sure I am doing something wrong. Thanks.

(Also when I look at the size of the beats after i save them in a folder they are at 150KB+ I dont know if that matters either or what that means but its something i noticed and just wanted to add)


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    I would start by making sure the exported samples are not looped in Live, and that the sample is cropped to the desired length.
    So try this: before exporting: crop the clip. Or consolidate it and then crop it.
    Export the sample and open it in another audio editor to make sure it is still the correct length.
    Save it again, and load it into your mpc.
    Hope that helps!

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