Problems With Pioneer RMX-1000*Can't Get It To Show In Plug-Ins*

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I have recently got my hands on a Pioneer RMX-1000 and have gone through all of the relevant installation steps however upon going to use it as a VST within Live I can't seem to get it to show up - I intend on using the RMX-1000 hardware as a controller however at the moment I just need to get it to show up within Live.


Any help/ideas welcome, 

Look forward to hearing some ideas and suggestions, 


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    Make sure all step mentionned int he following link are done, and your RMX1000 is connected and swithced on before launching live.

    In live go to preferences/ MIDI and make sure your RMX1000 is set to be used with it's own USB ports (in and output). Make sure track sync and remote are activated for this controller.

    Now drag any audio effect to the first audio tack. Press the MIDI button in the right hand corner of live's session view and click on the parameter of the audio effect that you wish to control. Now turn the knob on your rmx you wish to map. You will see the mapping details appear in the left hand side bar. Click the MIDI button again to exit MIDI mapping mode.

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