Problems with Papen RP-Delay Version 1.0.0d in Live Intro 8.2.2

Everything seems to run seamlessly in Live Inro 8.2.2 for me. I recently purchased a copy of the Rob Papen RP-Delay. It has problems with the preset menu in Live and Tracktion. The Papens folks state that "Ableton says you have an old version of windows xp" referring to SP3 and my need to upgrade from SP2.

They state that I need to install SP3 to get the menus in RP-Delay to operate correctly.

Can you confirm your response to this problem?

Should I have SP3 installed to run Live Intro 8.2.2 at optimum level?


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    This is more a question for Ableton and Rob Papen support than for Answers. You can contact Ableton tech support at

    For Rob Papen support, check the Rob Papen website.

    Since other users won't be able to answer this question, we'll lock it.

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