Problems with OS X 10.10 and an external monitor connected via HDMI

Hello everybody,

after I have read that Live is now compatible with OS X 10.10 I have updated my system to version 9.1.6 and switched to Yosemite. At first all looks great, but after I began to work with it, a small problem appears which is making me nervous ;-)

I have connected a six years old HD-Ready Samsung TV to my MacBook Retina and when I am running Live, the surface of it is shown there. All other vst plugins were displayed on my MacBook. With OS X 10.9 this was no problem, but with 10.10 I have the problem that when I am trying to save a project, all I can see is the command box on my Samsung TV, which is shown in a color just like the color on the starting page of the ableton homepage, reminding the actual Push or Live deal.

When I am now trying to save the project, it last a while, than I see the program is working and next I receive a graphics error warning from OS X. The project is saved, but this color and warnings are making me nuts ;-)

Does anyone of you here have the same problem and can give me a tip how to fix it?

No other of my programs like Wavelab or Cubase has this behavior, only Live :-(

Thanks in advance for every answer :-)


Saphire 3 years ago | 0 comments

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