Problems using Live 9 with DJM 900 NXS2

So I'm trying to use Live with a DJM900 Nexus 2 - to use Push 2 as a keyboard/to trigger clips while DJing. But having various issues getting set up - Ableton support is taking forever to respond, so figured I'd try here. Problems are:

Once it is all set-up, the Push in Note mode (or just using the laptop keyboard) will play one or two notes and then go unresponsive. Everything else works fine, all the other Push controls and clicking anything in Live will work as normal, send output to the mixer with no issues, but the keyboard/Push note mode do nothing.

It looks as if there is maybe some kind of midi feedback from the mixer (?) - if for instance I have played a drum pad on the Push, it will sometimes stay lit on the Push and/or in Live. 

If I switch back to Asio4All it works as it should - and if I'm switching back to that after having tried to get things working as above, sometimes there is a bit of a clash of sound - as if it has buffered some sound, or as if (as above) there is midi coming into Live from the mixer.


Not connected to the above (I don't think) - sometimes when selecting the DJM ASIO in preferences it just says 'Audio is turned off' and does nothing. In these cases the Push and the laptop keyboard work fine (the channels show output when I play a note) but it doesn't make any noise because it somehow doesn't see/like the mixer.


Sometimes the Push just doesn't get going, it doesn't light up or won't set itself up with the set. 

Number 1 is the important one!



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