Problem with plug-in MIDI effect mistaken for instrument


I'm trying to place one of the very useful PIZ MIDI effects ( before Simpler. However, Ableton Live Intro 9.7.4 keeps mistaking the MIDI effect for an instrument and replacing Simpler. I am able to drop an Ableton MIDI effect (e.g. Forced Jazz) before Simpler, but not these plug-in MIDI effects. How can I correct this? 

-D. Vyd



d.vyd 6 days ago | 0 comments

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  • cascassette
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    MIDI plugin effect in ableton is not recognised as such (perhaps technically cannot be discerned from synth as of VST spec). Load it in another track, then in the track with Simpler, set midi in from that track, that plugin. Finally, turn monitor to ON (not AUTO, not OFF).

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  • d.vyd
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    I understand. Thank you!

    4 days ago | 0 comments

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