problem with copying components files


my question might be a little bit extra musical. I use OS Yosemite.

I made a clean install and I have to reinstall all my plugs.

If I remember well for AU component, the last step was to put the file into my Plug ins/component folder.

It didn't work when I tried to slide Suppa Triga (I could see my file but Live didn't find it in the session) so I tried cmd C and cmd V and this is my question:

Why can't I see my file in the folder "component" after a cmd C cmd V?

I had to enter my computer password and I heard the regular sound of a completed copy but nothing appears in my folder.

Is it normal?

Should I slide or use cmdC cmdV action?


Thanks for the help

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Axl Otl 3 years ago | 0 comments

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