Preserving instrument parameters in a particular clip

So let's say I have a clip that hosts a bass synth pattern and it sounds really buzzy and fat and great. I create a new clip for a new section of the song and I want to have that part a little thinner sounding, so now I'm noodling around with the control knobs on Push. I get a sound I like, so that's cool. But when I switch back to the first clip, the knobs are all configured exactly like they were for the second clip, which I wanted to sound different! And I don't remember what the first clip's knob settings were before I started twiddling them for the second clip!

What's the best way to keep this from happening? A separate instance of the same instrument, with two different sets of settings? Pre-automating every individual parameter of the first track to its current settings, so that no matter what I do afterwards, it resets at the beginning? Do I have to save the settings as a preset and then reload the preset after I've tweaked the settings on a differnet clip on the same track? Is there any way to just freeze the settings of an individual effect or instrument within a particular clip, pre-emptively, so I don't need to go back to each clip and reload the preset?

As you can imagine, managing all this stuff can get in the way of the creative workflow, so I'm hoping somebody can think of a shortcut. Thank you!


enderisnotmyrealname 4 years ago | 1 comment

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  • mylkoa
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    How did you end up dealing with this? Cheers.

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    I have the same problem. Haven't found anything yet, I might look at creating an M4L device.

    My current solution is i) tweak the sound, save as a new preset ii) do my tweaking for the second part/sound and then save that preset. If I want to morph into the second sound, then actually I just record the midi CCs live as automation. But the annoying thing is, in arrangement view, when exporting the wav, I have to re-load the original starting preset that I saved, and then let the CC automation morph into a new sound. 
    So for every bounce I have to reload the preset = loads of fun.

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