Plug-in latency and phasing in a feedback loop

I am having latency  issues when setting up a delay feedback loop. its as if the send is adding a millisecond of latency as the signal passes through, causing phasing and nasty frequencies

The feedback loop is simple, from a track in Ableton, not external, a ping pong delay and limiter (both Ableton effects) on the return and then sending back to itself

Also getting phasing when using third party compressor for parallel compression

Its the same with Delay compensation on and off,

buffer is 256 samples, no clicks or dropouts.

it happens in a clean Ableton set also, 1 track of audio and 1 return, CPU at 4%

M-Audio firewire 410 interface



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  • kleine Ableton staff
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    The reason for this is the way how Live handles the audio signal flow and calculates audio signals.
    In a nutshell: 
    Live 'looks' at all tracks, collects the data of the current audio sample which needs to 'leave' the computer next and sends it to your audio driver. This is called one calculation cycle. Once this has been done, it starts the next calculation cycle for the next sample and so on. If an audio signal from a return track is routed back into an ordinary audio track, it might be late, because the previous calculation cycle (which contained the data of your audio and MIDI tracks) has already been finished and has literally left the computer. This makes it impossible to get complete phase cancellation in such a scenario.

    Generally, we recommend to check if there are any feedback loops in your set (Routing example: track sends → return track → track input) to avoid this problem.

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