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This forum has given me great advice so I'm giving it a try. Ableton tech has tried to explain it to me, I've read articles on it but it's still driving me nuts!! Over the last 4 or 5 years I've used live for recording as well as digitizing audio from cassettes. They all went into a folder called( the white thing) called recording projects. Inside this you find dozens of yellow folders with the als files inside. Also inside this white thing is another white thing that says ableton project info. I open one of the yellow folders, click on the als files and they open up and play no problem. The trouble I have is moving the files. I get the missing file error message at the bottom of the screen each time i do. I realize there's a bunch of stuff you have to move but the trouble is how do i find it? I try collect all and save, same problem. I think if I move the whole master folder it will work but it is huge and i don't have the space to move the whole thing. So: I have a als file that i want to move to another computer. How do I find (precisely)  what I need to be able to move it. Please be very specific and tell me what I'm looking for should look like. As Charlie Brown would say ,"Arghhh!" very much appreciate any help.


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    To move an .als file and copies of all the associated files, do the following:

    1. Open the .als file you want to move. 

    2. File → Save Live Set As...

    3. Choose a new location, not the same "recording projects" folder you've been using. You can use the same filename, just save it someplace else.

    4. File → Collect All and Save

    5. You probably want to choose "Yes" for the first three options in the Collect All and Save window, and "No" for the last.

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