Please give me some advice on "warping"

I'm a musician who has cassettes chronicling the last 40 years or so and have spent years transferring them to ableton live files. To my dismay (I know, duh) most of them are down a half step or so. I should have tweaked the cassette speed but I didn't notice at the time. I've heard warping is a way to adjust the pitch. I have dozens and dozens of files that need adjusting. Can someone who has done this type of thing get me started? I would really appreciate it. Thank you


kinswood 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • mcbpete
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    I wouldn't worry about warping - that's mainly for preserving pitch when altering a shifting tempo. Whereas your tape is no doubt not only pitched down but slowed as well !

    Simply drag the recording into a blank audio slot/clip, double click it to bring the waveform down to the bottom of the screen - ensure 'Warp' is turned off (unhighlighted) and then play around with the transpose (for course adjustment) and detune (for fine adjustment) dials until it sounds right.

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  • Happy Tony
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    you will also need to makeure e original tape recordin is constant.  EVEN>

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