Playing WAV files out of sync error

Hi. Firstly, I'm not looking for a lot out of this editor - it came with the audio interface I purchased and all I need is a multi-track editor to line up a bunch of pre-recorded tracks.


I usually use Goldwave however this isn't a multi-track editor, ie I need to mix multiple WAV files together which of course has it's limitations as once mixed, I cannot for example, turn down a EQ setting on say the drum WAV.


But here's my problem. I have 5 tracks to make a song - Drums, Bass, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Vocals. If I copy and paste all tracks together in Goldwave it is perfectly in sync. But when I import them into Ableton Live, Ableton seems to distort and warp the tracks - for example, song begins with just Drums and Bass for 16 bars, then Bass doesn't come back till bar 40. For the first 16, it's in sync, but at bar 40 it is about 2/3 of a beat too soon.

Further, all my tracks have silence at the beginning except for the drums, which is a 1-1-2 hit of the drum sticks to set the beat. Ableton Live keeps removing the silence at the front of each of the tracks - it even removes the 1-1-2 hit of the drum sticks from the Drum track!


I've set import and export settings for 44100, as all the WAV files are in that format. I'm not sure what else to do - this is really simple stuff - I'm not looking to manufacture an electronic song, this is just simple mastering of pre-recorded rock takes and Ableton can't even seem to do this! What am I missing here?


rawroftheworlds 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • rawroftheworlds
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    Ahh.. there's a warp button down the bottom if I select one of the tracks. Sweet god Ableton this is nanny-state music making at it's worst

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  • hilker
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    Turn off the "Auto-Warp Long Samples" setting in Preferences→Record/Warp/Launch

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