Playing Sampled Synth Live Via Midi


I am running Ableton Suite 8 on a Mac OS 10.9.5 and I want to sample my OB8 synthesizer so I can play its sounds at live shows.  I want to sample each note and not have Live generate the whole keyboard based on one note.  

I am currently doing this with Drum Rack, and it is working very well.  However, I need to sample a .wav of an arpeggiatted pattern from the synthesizer (i.e. using the OB8 to arpeggiate the notes and recording that pattern as my sample) and playing them back when I press keys on my midi keyboard.  This is working okay, but I really want to have a kick drum married to the pattern, and have it output on a different channel of my interface (Apogee Duet) so it can be EQ'd by the sound engineer at a venue. Does anyone know how to do this?  Is Drum Rack the right plugin for the job?  

Thank you so much!

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